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Posted 23rd October 2023

Stansfeld Scott and Select Brands acquire Stone’s Ginger Wine

The acquisition from Accolade Wines Limited successfully closed on October 20th, 2023, giving Ringtail International responsibility for the brand.

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Ringtail International Inc. is a joint venture company between Stansfeld Scott Inc of Barbados and the USA and Select Brands Limited of Jamaica.

With its Caribbean roots, Stansfeld Scott is a well-established multi-channel marketing and distribution company with a strong presence in the Caribbean, Mexico & Central America. Stansfeld Scott has a proven track record in the wines & spirits industry and is one of the largest independent suppliers of alcoholic beverages to the Caribbean.

Select Brands, founded in November 2011, has a respected portfolio of international wines, spirits and beers.  The company is not only the largest importer of alcoholic beverages to Jamaica but, through the strength of a number of popular local brands, notably Stone’s Ginger Wine, and expansion into non-alcoholic beverages, is also one of the largest distributors of beverages on the island.

Stone's Original Ginger Wine, the world’s leading Ginger Wine brand, traces its origins to 1740 when it was first created by Joseph Stone in the City of London. Over the centuries, it gained a cult following driven by Ginger’s medicinal properties which was hailed to ward off disease, aid in digestion and known as an effective aphrodisiac.  It is now sold in over 50 countries worldwide, known for its premium quality and unique flavour profile.  Over the years, the brand changed ownership several times, and in 1986, it was acquired by the Scottish drinks company, J&B Rare. Later, it became part of the Whyte & Mackay portfolio before it was acquired by Constellation Brands and in 2015 by Accolade Wines. 

Accolade is a global company headquartered in Australia and is the producer of many leading wine brands including Hardy’s and Banrock Station.  Accolade will continue to represent and distribute Stone’s Ginger Wine in the UK, Europe and North America on behalf of Ringtail. For customers in these markets there will be no change in terms of ordering or key sales and distribution contacts.

Stone’s Original Ginger Wine’s popularity over the years has extended far beyond its English heritage.  It is now bottled in the UK, Jamaica, Canada and Australia.  In Jamaica it is produced for the Caribbean by Ringtail Bottlers Ltd using the same traditional recipe that has made Stones a favourite for over 280 years.

By joining forces through Ringtail International, Stansfeld Scott & Select Brands aim to unlock Stone’s potential and further expand its sales internationally.