Stansfeld Scott Inc.


With a team of dynamic & talented professionals, Stansfeld Scott manages & markets a portfolio of premium products through a network of independent distributors.

Distribution Management

Stansfeld Scott Inc. enhances the efforts of active distributors and, where necessary, identifies and appoints new distributors in agreement with the respective principal. In collaboration with an established distributor network, forecasts and marketing programs are put into place to ensure the long-term success of each product.

Distributors are continually updated on new product developments and brand-related activities and strategic marketing guidelines. Our suppliers are confident they are well represented and informed since contact is maintained with personnel who are experienced with trade in the region.
Markets are closely monitored to ensure our products receive strong visibility, efficient stock rotation and competitive price points. Stansfeld Scott has significant amounts of time invested in each of the markets and goes beyond our role as a mere intermediary—we embody the position of brand champion!


With a premium portfolio and emphasis on brand development, we continually invest in campaigns designed to return medium to long-term growth and stability. Our personnel work closely with our clients and our in house creative department to adopt timely and relevant marketing programs in order to capitalize on potential growth areas. Beyond executing various promotional activities, we are actively involved in the production of media and POS material to support our brand development objectives.

Administrative Support

Stansfeld Scott provides valuable administrative support services to our distributors and suppliers in areas of logistics, promotional funds management and accounts receivable. Our team is adept at the requirements for each territory and works to avoid costly errors and delays. Through close contact with our distributors and suppliers, we streamline processes minimizing the administrative burden and resulting in tangible savings. Our customized database provides comprehensive reporting. With access to this quality of data, we are able to analyze trends and maintain a proactive approach.