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Posted 7th July 2021

Endura Malt Makes an Enduring Impression

Endura Malt, the enriched energy malt, has hit the shelves of two target markets in the Caribbean region and is showing great potential for further expansion.

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Malt is a well-established, non-alcoholic beverage category with mainstream appeal due to its taste and perceived health benefits. This energizing and nutritious beverage is enjoyed by all ages and is typically handed down from generation to generation. The size of the Caribbean Malt market is estimated to be over 18 million cases with Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic having over 70% market share. Within the CARICOM markets, the volume is estimated to be almost 4 million cases.

Keeping an eye on this growing trend, Stansfeld Scott recently launched Endura Malt; a non-alcoholic all-malt beverage made with pure Caribbean cane sugar using a unique formula developed specifically for the Caribbean taste profile. The product has successfully been released in two markets: Barbados and St. Maarten where it has already received tremendous feedback.

Endura Malt’s success depends on several traits, one of which includes impactful packaging. Designed in-house, the labels have strong impact and visibility particularly with off-trade accounts. The brand is well-supported with a full line of wearables and printed materials. Sales teams in the markets have donned t-shirts with Endura Malt’s bold colours while posters highlighting the energetic spirit of the brand welcome store customers. 

Another strong trait is audience. From fitness enthusiasts to the village shop owners, there has been one resounding comment; there is nothing like it! Endura malt ticks all the boxes when it comes to a preferred beverage, from your traditional malt drinkers to those first timers, it is packed full of flavour making it irresistible. The product is easy to enjoy and good for the whole family. 

Endura Malt’s launch has shown great success in the island of Barbados. Stansfeld Scott’s Portfolio Manager, Harriette Skeete, commented, “It is important to listen to your customers and meet their needs, and we saw a unique opportunity to bring a refreshing, enriched energy malt to the Barbados at an affordable price and we were especially delighted to be one of the first territories to successfully launch Endura Malt. Our team effort, enthusiasm and confidence in this brand has spearheaded its popularity and we are excited to watch this brand continue to do amazing things in Barbados.”

The brand has also gained recognition in St. Maarten with great visibility via posters and hats and will be rolling out to the English-speaking members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). There is no doubt Endura Malt will leave an enduring impression there too.