Stansfeld Scott Inc.

Stansfeld Scott & Co. Ltd.

Stansfeld Scott & Co. is a leading distributor of wines & spirits and health supplements in Barbados. Well-established and respected, Stansfeld Scott is committed to building brand equity and exceeding customer expectations through outstanding service, people and products.

With a centrally located office and warehouse complex and an efficient delivery service, Stansfeld Scott is present in all relevant sectors. Duty-free shops, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, country shops, diplomatic agencies, health and beauty stores, and convenience stores are visited regularly by our highly motivated sales and marketing team. We manage to remain one step ahead of our competitors by providing a wide cross section of customers with information and product support on a daily basis.

We establish strong visibility for our brands through a variety of mediums, initiatives and sponsorships. Strategic alliances, sporting events, cultural activities and local nightspots are all utilized to build our brands and develop national brand awareness.

Please see our current Wine & Spirits Trade Catalogue and Health and Consumer Goods Trade Catalogue.