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Posted 8th June 2021

Prosecco Proves Promising in Puerto Rico

No one could have anticipated the phenomenal rate at which Prosecco sales grew globally over the past few years. In 2019, the Prosecco region was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an important accolade which only added to its status as a product of outstanding quality. One Caribbean market witnessing the upward trend of Prosecco’s growing popularity is Puerto Rico.

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The sparkling wine category in Puerto Rico has grown over the last three years, jumping from 8% growth in 2018 to 27% growth in 2020 (IRI Reports by year). Although Cava continues to be the market leader in sales due to the countries’ historical ties to Spain, the growing trend of Prosecco on the island mirrors the growing popularity of Prosecco in other places around the world. As shown in the growth trajectory, Prosecco jumped from 39% growth to 65% growth in one year.

According to Stansfeld Scott’s Portfolio Manager, Arturo Campos, Cavicchioli is one brand that is standing out on the shelves in the market and grabbing consumer attention. Arturo has observed four factors working in conjunction that explain the growing popularity of Prosecco in Puerto Rico: flavour profile, price point, label design, and novelty factor. 

Flavour wise Prosecco has a fruit forward profile to be enjoyed on more occasions, a new trend that is mentioned in “Global wine trends to watch in 2021.” This IWSR report indicates that although global wine consumption has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic with the determent of travel and tourism and weakened economies, consumption is predicted to bounce back with new trends such as at-home enjoyment. 

“Sparkling wine, and Prosecco in particular, has spearheaded the diversification of wine’s consumption occasions. The category has steadily moved away from its one-dimensional image as a special celebratory drink to align with more regular occasions, such as the aperitivo hour.” -

Secondly, Prosecco is regarded as an “Affordable Luxury.” Champagne is expensive, whereas Prosecco is at a perfect price-point. Thirdly, while many popular brands aim to maintain consumer traction and loyalty by not changing their label designs, Prosecco brands such as Cavicchioli have modern labels that stand out on the shelves and attract new consumers.

Finally, the novelty factor. Younger generations tend to be more inquisitive and eager to try new brands. A ripple effect of this is parents who wish to be seen as “youthful and hip” turn around to try the choice of the youth. 

José Juan Hernandez, Wine Director, Pan American Wine & Spirits commented, “Cavicchioli has been successful in Puerto Rico because the brand is driven by entry level consumers and the rosé is highly popular with the young female demographic. Cavicchioli arrived right at the time Prosecco was starting to trend upwards. The product design is unparalleled.”