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Posted 8th February 2022

Plantation Rum is the Number One Top Trending Rum for the Sixth Straight Year

Drinks International recently released their 2022 ‘Top Trending Brands’ awards and once again Plantation Rum has emerged victorious in the Rum category.

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Drinks International bases their awards on the polling data of 106 hand selected bars from around the world. These bars are selected because they are deemed to be some of the world’s very best and ones that carry much influence in the industry. These establishments are introduced to a countless number of rums so needless to say, it is no easy feat to make it in Drinks International’s Top 10. However it is, much more difficult to hold Drinks International’s ‘Top Trending Brands’ in the Rum Category coveted #1 overall spot and then have repeat victories for six straight years. Maison Ferrand, the owners of Plantation Rum has certainly got a winner on their hands.

Plantation Rum’s growing popularity has also skyrocketed it to #2 spot in the Drinks International ‘Bartenders’ Choice Brand’ Top Ten List slotting in just behind Tanqueray and #3 in the Drinks International ‘Bestselling Rum Brands’, behind Bacardi and biting at the heels of Havana Club. In fact Plantation Rum fell short of the #2 spot by just one bar. Plantation Rum certainly has the attention of consumers across the world and we think they are only getting started.