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Posted 30th April 2019

Stoli Making it Loud and Clear in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is Making it Loud and Clear with Stoli by carrying out DJ competitions, market visits & masterclass training sessions with Stoli Global Brand Ambassador Simone Bodini.

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According to Shanken News Daily, “Stoli saw growth last year both in the U.S. and globally. In the U.S., which accounts for 48% of its volume, Stoli rose by 3% to 1.8 million cases while global sales increased by 2% to 3.7 million cases.” The Loud and Clear campaign launched in 2018 has a lot to do with the growing trend. So how has Stoli been making it Loud and Clear in countries in the Caribbean? 

Antigua – This is currently the fastest growing market for Stoli in the region. A.S. Bryden & Sons (Antigua) Ltd has been promoting Stoli with bar specials and social media campaigns such as Stoli cocktail Fridays.

Bahamas – Stoli is the self-proclaimed #1 selling vodka by volume in the Bahamas as of this year, and Stoli Premium litre is the fastest selling spirit. There are exciting promotional activities planned for the Bahamas including their annual Stoli DJ Competition where finalists from local competitions held in three of the Bahamaian islands: New Providence; Grand Bahamas; and Abaco, will compete for the title as the Stoli DJ Champion of Bahamas.

Bermuda – Stoli is emerging as a top contender in the vodka category, slowly nudging out their competitors Absolut and Smirnoff. Pitt & Company, will be hosting their local Stoli DJ Competition. The finals of which are scheduled for May 25th. The winner of the Bermuda competition will join the musical talent in the Bahamas for inter-island collaborations. Pitt & Company are also holding a special screening event for the new Quentin Tarentino movie “Once upon a time in Hollywood” which prominently features Stoli.

Trinidad & Tobago – Stoli was heavily featured during this year’s Carnival. Over 3000 people enjoyed Stoli shots from Caesar’s Army Bacchanal Road event while approximately 5000 people were served Stoli, as the exclusive vodka for the “We Love Jouvert” party. Hadco Ltd. promoted the brand by providing band members branded t-shirts, banners and other impactful promotional material.

US Virgin Islands - Stoli is #1 by volume in the US Virgin Islands where locals enjoy “Stoli-O Ting” (O is orange) as a daily drinker. Stoli sponsors a wide range of parties and events throughout the US Virgin Islands as well as the British Virgin Islands.

Some exciting developments are underway for the brand. Stoli Global Brand Ambassador Simone Bodini will be visiting a few markets for Masterclass trainings, guest bartending, and even competition judging. Confirmed markets to date are: the Bahamas - June 1st and 2nd; Antigua – June 3rd and 4th; St Maarten - June 5th and 6th; and Puerto Rico – June 7th and 8th. Simone’s mission is to inspire bartenders and mixologists to become true brand advocates.

We will continue to write about the ways in which Stoli is making it Loud & Clear in the Caribbean, but for inspiration visit the Stoli Caribbean Facebook page.