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Posted 22nd October 2015

Primal Roots Launches in Grenada

Big, Bold & Red. That’s the catchphrase for Primal Roots during Grenada’s Carnival tastings.

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Earlier this year, Stansfeld Scott announced the addition of Primal Roots to their portfolio. This sensuous red blend subsequently gained a dozen new placements in the region. Ethan Perk, vice president of sales and marketing for Stansfeld Scott, remarked “Considering Primal Roots is one of the top red blend brands in the premium segment, we are expecting this number to double in 2015.”

North South Trading, one of the first distributors to showcase Primal Roots, used Spicemas Carnival as a means of promoting the brand throughout Grenada. “Big, Bold & Red” Primal Roots displays and tastings helped attract new consumers.

Red Blends have swiftly ascended to become one of the most popular wine types in the United States. An approachable and appealing choice, red blends have seen double-digit growth during the last year, a trend that will surely duplicate in the Caribbean region. Serena St. Paul, General Manager for North South Wines stated that the label gained good traction, which she believes will continue through high season.

The true essence of Primal Roots begins with the untamed full-bodied qualities of three grape varietals that are artfully blended to create a silky smooth and sensual wine. Merlot creates a soft and luxurious texture; Syrah lends balanced structure, while Zinfandel rounds out the wine by adding a touch of warm spice.

Uninhibited, sensual, and mischievous. Primal Roots is everything one should expect from a red blend and more.