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Posted 26th June 2019

Buffalo Trace Master Blender Visits Puerto Rico

Amid upcoming expansions for the Buffalo Trace Distillery, Buffalo Trace master blender Drew Mayville joins Felix Rojas of Stansfeld Scott to deliver masterclasses to key venues in Puerto Rico.

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Photo: Buffalo Trace Master Blender Drew Mayville meets with distributor Ballester Hermanos Inc. in Puerto Rico.

Exciting developments are underway for Buffalo Trace Distillery. On June 13th, 2019, the distillery announced progress on its largest expansion since the repeal of prohibition- a $1.2 billion infrastructure development with four new barrel houses, a new bottling hall, and an expansion to the Visitor Center slated for next year.

Even with these upgrades, demand for Buffalo Trace award-winning bourbons continues to exceed supply.  “We’ve been increasing production for many years now. We’ll fill more barrels this year than ever before in our 246 year history,” said Senior Marketing Director Kris Comstock.  “Many of our bourbons are aged for eight years or more, so although we have far more than a decade ago, demand continues to outpace our supply of mature bourbon…While we’re flattered these brands have become so popular, we do understand the frustration our fans are experiencing when they see empty store shelves. We promise we are doing everything we can, but we can’t speed up the ageing process, so we just ask for continued patience.” Buffalo Trace Distillery remains committed to maintaining high quality and taste standards.

Earlier this month, master blender Drew Mayville joined Stansfeld Scott's Brand Manager Felix Rojas and Regional Sales Manager for Sazerac Company Inc., Kenneth Chapman on a recent market visit to Puerto Rico. On his first day Drew Mayville delivered masterclass presentations to the sales team of Ballester Hermanos Inc and bartenders of La Enoteca. On his next day Drew Mayville met with media influencers at Rare 125 and then held a meet and greet at La Asere where he surprised the distribution team by announcing winners of the Buffalo Trace staff incentive. The four staff members, the supervisor and the Brand Manager will be able to enjoy the upgrades to the Buffalo Trace Distillery once it re-opens to the public in the beginning of October. 

"As an US overseas territory, Puerto Rico has a trickle-down effect when it comes to the trends that are occuring in the wine and spririts industry," remarks Felix Rojas. "The small-batch bourbons segment is a growing segment in the US, and therefore the trend is mirroring on a smaller scale in Puerto Rico with the emergence of whisky and bourbon enthusiasts. Buffalo Trace Bourbon was introduced earlier this year and for now our focus has been on-premise distribution. The response has been excellent. Having someone like Drew Mayville share his knowledge of bourbons empowers the sales team and emboldens them to take the brand to new heights."