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Posted 22nd August 2016

Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador Visits Aruba and Trinidad

Once again distributors in the Caribbean welcomed Carlos Martin del Campo Cabrera, Glenfiddich’s Brand Ambassador, for a week full of staff trainings and consumer tastings.

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Posted 16th March 2017

Scotch Tastings in Bahamas a Success

Whisky aficionados delved into the subtleties of Glenfiddich single malt scotch whiskies and other William Grant & Sons award-winning brands at tasting events in the Bahamas.

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Posted 23rd April 2019

William Grant & Sons Whisky Activations in Aruba

Jeremy Verheyen acts as Brand Ambassador for William Grant & Sons on his visit to Aruba.

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Posted 26th July 2019

Brandsimex Promotes William Grant & Sons Portfolio at Various Events

Brandsimex, a leading distribution company in Curaçao, recently promoted brands from the William Grant & Sons portfolio at festivals and whisky trainings.

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