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Posted 27th June 2019

Stoli Global Brand Ambassador Makes an Impact in the Caribbean

Global Brand Ambassador for the Stoli Group, Simone Bodini, recently toured several Caribbean islands – making an impact in all of them.

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Photo: A.S Brydens Ltd (Antigua) welcomes Simone Bodini with open arms.

First and foremost Simone Bodini is a bartender. He attended bartending trainings in one of the most prestigious institutions in Italy and has competed worldwide in great cities such as London and Las Vegas. During his current position of Global Brand Ambassador with the Stoli Group, he has travelled around 30 countries worldwide producing more than 100 Masterclasses with more than 2,000 attendants, training and inspiring on Stoli brands.

"My overall experience in the Caribbean was fantastic, a rollercoaster ride through Bahamas, Antigua, Sint Maarten and Puerto Rico!" noted Simone Bodini, Stoli Global Brand Ambassador. "I was extremely surprised by the commitment of our partners and the dedication in organizing such a successful tour!..We really did all the best to promote the strong values of our bringing to life our motto  “Whatever drives you make it loud and clear!” All I can say is thank you to all the great colleagues I met and to all my new friends in this little corner of paradise! Stay tuned because the best is yet to come! #WeAreStoli."

Simone’s first stop on his Caribbean Tour was the Bahamas where Simone had the pleasure of judging the finals for the Stoli DJ Competition in Nassau. Antigua was the second place Simone visited. Currently the fastest growing market for Stoli in the region, distributor A.S. Bryden & Sons Ltd welcomed him with open arms as Simone conducted the Stoli Masterclass presentation to approximately 30 people.

In St Maarten, Simone was treated like a rock-star. From Masterclasses, to live radio interviews, from being a guest bartender at the premier beach restaurant Roxxy Beach to conducting a private Masterclass on neighbouring island St. Barth’s – Simone had a full agenda. His visit was mentioned in two national press centers including the Daily Herald of St Maarten.

From St Maarten, Bodini visited Puerto Rico. On his first day he delivered his Masterclass to 60 members of the distributor Mendez & Company sales’ team before being a guest bartender at La Serafina and then La Cubanita de La Factoria – one of the Top 100 Bars in The Americas. The next day, Simone delivered a custom version of the Masterclass to journalists and social media influencers at a press event before being a guest bartender for Cantina 213 and Almaviva.

“Stoli is allegedly one of the first vodkas imported to the island of Puerto Rico in the 70s,” notes Felix Rojas, Territory Manager for Stansfeld Scott. “The brand faces much heavier competition, but is really well-known amongst the older generation. Having Simone immerse himself in the local nightlife and culture helped engage young millennials and potential entry-level consumers. An ambassador of his magnitude, motivating the sales force whom are extensions of our own hands and local Brand Ambassadors in their own right is definitely the way forward in building Stoli’s presence in Puerto Rico.”