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Posted 19th April 2018

Stansfeld Scott’s Wine Portfolio Manager Now a Sommelier

Mathieu Rudelle, Wine Portfolio Manager for Stansfeld Scott, travelled back and forth between Tampa, FL and Bordeaux, France for eight months to attend Worldsom, an international sommelier program. After graduating with Honors, he is now a proud Sommelier.

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WorldSom, World Sommelier Academy of Bordeaux is a prestigious sommelier program that gathers renown wine experts and a teaching committee composed of four best Sommeliers in the world; Serge Dubs, Paolo Basso, Gerard Basset and Philippe Faure-Brac. Their exceptional curriculum covers oenology, vinegrowing, legislation and more, all at an extremely enhanced level.

The program attracts Wine & Spirits professionals seeking to enhance and perfect their level of expertise. After tasting over a thousand wines from all over the world and being tested to elite standards, Serge Dubs, World’s Best Sommelier in 1989 handed Mathieu Rudelle his diploma. Mathieu was also inducted into the “Confrérie du Bontemps”, one of the oldest wine brotherhoods of France, and as such was cloaked in guild robes.

We raise a toast to congratulate Mathieu on his hard work and dedication to learning.