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Posted 7th September 2018

Stansfeld Scott Product Development Manager Visits Accolade Park

Product Development Manager for Stansfeld Scott, Rajiv Ragoonanan, recently visited Accolade Park, Accolade Wine’s multi-award winning bottling facility located in Bristol, UK.

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Accolade Wines is the number one wine company by volume and sales in the UK with a portfolio of brands including Echo Falls, Banrock Station, Mudhouse, Anakena, Grant Burge and their number one brand, Hardys. The company has evolved into a global wine company selling some of these world-renowned wine brands in over 140 countries.

Accolade Park provides a service that is truly unique to the European Wine Industry as it is the only wine dedicated facility that can package every UK format from 187ml to 75cl in glass bottles and from 1.5L to 10L in bag-in-box.

Coupled with a 7-day a week ordering service, Accolade Park is a state-of-the-art, responsive one-stop shop for wine. From bulk wine to finished goods options are flexible and the facility provides a fast and dynamic supply chain. Accolade Park is ahead of the competition with regards to efficiency, sustainability, quality, and cost and is setting the standard worldwide.

As someone with previous experience in the production side of goods Stansfeld Scott Product Development Manager, Rajiv Ragoononan visited Accolade Park while vacationing in the UK. This was his impression - “Accolade Park is the largest, most technologically advanced bottling facility in the UK producing approximately 25 million cases per year and the majority of the facility is fully automated. Chris Bowles, Commerical Director AMESCA, and Matt Stone, Senior Inventory Manager, were eager to share everything about the plant, explaining how each line works and future plans for the facility. Accolade Park is testament to Accolade Wines’ commitment to high standards. There is no doubt in my mind that they run one of the best product facilities in the world. Overall it was a great tour.”