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Posted 26th July 2019

Brandsimex Promotes William Grant & Sons Portfolio at Various Events

Brandsimex, a leading distribution company in Curaçao, recently promoted brands from the William Grant & Sons portfolio at festivals and whisky trainings.

Tags: grants, glenfiddich, hendricks, monkey shoulder, curacao, sailor jerry

Brandsimex capitalized on multiple opportunities to showcase brands from the William Grant & Sons portfolio such as the Culinair Festival, Curaçao Rum Fest, and Whisky Training Events.

Now in its 4th edition, Curaçao Culinair 2019 took place at the beautiful Country house Chobolobo in Saliña, Willemstad. Culinair invites guests to sample signature dishes from the 12 best restaurants in Curaçao at one location, and Brandsimex took this opportunity to feature Hendrick’s Gin at this high traffic event by creating signature cocktails.

After Culinair, Sailor Jerry was featured at the 2019 Curaçao Rum Fest/Punda International Rum Festival, one of the biggest Rum Festivals in the Caribbean. Visitors embarked on a journey of rum discovery, learned about Sailor Jerry, while enjoying delicious food, chocolates, cigars, and music. Attendees even had the chance to get Sailor Jerry inspired tattoos.

Once festivals came to a completion, Stansfeld Scott’s Caribbean Area Manager, Jeremy Verheyen, visited Curaçao for Whisky Training Events aimed at both the Brandsimex sales and marketing team as well as bartenders and wait staff from different outlets such as Madero Ocean Club, Baoase Luxury Resort, and Avilla Beach Hotel.

At the bartender training, Jeremy educated bartenders on the differences between blended, single, as well as triple malt whiskies. He trained bartenders to make classic cocktails with a twist using Monkey Shoulder such as: Monkey Colada, Monkey Mojito, Espresso Martini with Monkey Shoulder and a lazy Old Fashioned, with Monkey Shoulder instead of bourbon. 

The promotion ended with a consumer event held at Brandsimex’s retail outlet ‘Bottles’ where whisky aficionados enjoyed the Glenfiddich core range as well as Monkey Shoulder with complimentary finger food pairings. 

Jeremy Verheyen concluded, “As an ambassador I think it’s a privilege to represent brands from William Grant & Sons in a positive manner. A good ambassador cares about bringing people, businesses or even countries together.”